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Team Jonesing4Jugs…Ready, Set, Go!

Posted in Uncategorized on February 4, 2015 by Kel

header image110 Ultra Marathon to kick breast cancers ass…we are ready! Thanks to everyone who has asked about the logistics of the race and the possibility of pacing or hopping on a cruiser bike for a loop! Below are the details but please note the race begins on Valentines day so please clear this with your significant other 🙂

Saturday, February 14

  • 9am: start at ATP Tour Blvd. and run 10.63 miles to Adele Grage Community Center (base-camp for the ultra). This route follows the first 10+ miles of the marathon course with the exception of the beach.
  • 10:40-10:45am: arrive at Adele Grage Community Center (near the intersection of Ocean Blvd and 8th St) where we will run 6.95 mile loops around Atlantic Beach, completed 9 times for 62.55 miles, with check-in and support at base-camp. This route includes going all the way north on Seminole before running Ocean Walk. It also follows Selva Marina Dr all the way to Seminole before cutting back. Otherwise, it follows the marathon course exactly. We assume 1hr 16min – 1hr 45min per loop assuming quick breaks and fatigue.
  • 12-1am: Begin route back to Sawgrass Marriott Resort, 10.38 miles to complete the first 83.5 miles of stage 1
  • 2-3am: Complete stage 1

* I will try my best to communicate on FaceBook when we have completed a loop so those that may want to pace or ride their bike for a lap know when to arrive.

Sunday, February 15

  • We will run the 26.2 with Donna with the marathoners. If you are on the route cheering look for the tired, smelly ladies that are limping 🙂 We hope to be somewhere between the 5:15-6 hour pacers!

Course Turn by Turn PDF

Time for the sisters to jump into their next adventure, one with a purpose, one for Grammy Young and for my girl Marison. This one is in memory and honor of those that lost their battle, continue their battle and have survived breast cancer. You inspire us!